Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Canadian Immigration - A Mutual Need

With the recent refugee crisis many myths about immigrants in general have begun floating around, with social media revealing a lack of awareness. Economically speaking, concepts ranging from them being low-skilled workers to them having difficulty integrating into the labour force are common place.  Taking the time to read through the OECD’s 2013 International Migration Outlook debunks such concepts.

Immigration into Canada is not an altruist affair of government. It is needed for Canada's prosperity. First off, without our regular intake approximately 250,000 immigrants per year (yes that is how many we take each and every year) Canada’s 20 and 44 years old population aged would be in decline.This demographic, makes up most of the Canadian labour force. By extension, this is the demographic buys new houses, has children, creating new household in the process and pays the greater part of Canada's taxation revenue. Canada’s natural population growth would not be enough to sustain economic growth and welfare without immigration. End of story.

Canada needs immigrants to sustain the country’s central demographic and bolster economic growth. In the end, we as Canadians need immigration just as immigrants need a destination such as Canada. Statistics in the image below drive this point home even further,