Monday, January 4, 2016

LINC Home Study - Everything You Need to Know

Sometimes it can be difficult for anyone to attend classes, be it college or language classes like the CIES Language Instruction for Newcomers (LINC) Program. Some are prevented from attending due to illness, disability, conflicting work schedules, or distance. Here at CIES we offer those with these types of obstacles a chance to take our language classes from home. For these students we offer the LINC Home Study program (LHS). Classes are offered to clients with benchmarks 3-3-2-2 to 8-8-8-8.

There are two parts to LINC Home Study: first, students complete exercises and activities online each day on the LINC Home Study website, a digital version of the in-class curriculum developed specifically for at-home students. Students can log on any time and work through the online classes to complete their learning objectives. Secondly, students are paired with a LINC Home Study instructor who monitors and encourages their growth. Students receive a weekly phone-call (or Skype!) from their instructor which lays out the week's activities, assign and discuss homework, and answer additional questions. Classes are free of charge and provides self-driven students the opportunity to further their English skills from home. Classes require a basic familiarity with computers and computer (non-tablet) with internet access.Through LINC Home Study, students are provided with online learning modules, exercises, voice and text lessons, individualized lesson plans, and links to language and community resources.

Watch the video below for everything you need to know before getting started with the LINC Home Study program.

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