Friday, May 1, 2015

CIES and Employment Standards Alberta

Alberta Employment Standards is a vital source of information for all Albertans. In a nutshell, The Employment Standards Code is a provincial law describing the minimum standards that must be provided to employees working in Alberta. The code includes such areas as minimum wage, hours of work, overtime, vacation time and much more. CIES regularly books informative workshops for our clients so they are aware of their rights as employees here in their new home and at times, offers refresher workshops to our admin and management team.

Our most recent presenter, Brian Krueger, visited us on Friday and did a great job bringing our Management team up to speed. Born and raised on a farm near Midale, Saskatchewan, (home to the highest recorded temperature in Canadian history!Brian moved to Calgary in 2005 and immediately began work with Employment Standards Alberta. A great presenter, he supplied our team with a professional and in-depth understanding of the topic at hand along with a good dose of Saskatchewan farm boy humour. Thanks for stopping by Brian and what the hek... Go Riders!

For more information visit the Employment Standards website or call 1-877-427-3731. 

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