Friday, May 29, 2015

W.R.I.P. @ C.I.E.S.

At CIES we are always searching ways to better serve the immigrant community. The Welcome Resources Information Program (WRIP) is an initiative launched by CIES with the objective of helping new immigrants experience smooth settlement and integration into Canada. The program provides information and orientation, needs assessment and referral, along with community connection. The services are being delivered come at the pre-arrival, on arrival and post- arrival stages of an immigrant's journey to Calgary.

The program has become successful in achieving its goal. Increased numbers of immigrants visit us inquiring about the program and the website has been viewed by thousands of  people in countries around the world.

Here at CIES we strongly believe that ethno-cultural community organizations play important role in settlement and integration sector.  Hence, the program partners with many of them to identify the needs of the immigrants and find amicable solution to address those needs. The WRIP advisory committee comprising the representatives from ethno cultural communities, faith based organizations and non-profit agencies are continuously providing guidance for the smooth implementation of the program.  

For more information on the WRIP program visit our website, check out Calgary Connects or give us a call at 403-291-0002.

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