Wednesday, August 26, 2015

CIES Summer Festival A Huge Success

Yesterday CIES held its 5th annual Summer Festival and by all accounts it was an unparalleled success. Hundreds of attendees came by throughout the day in the form of local residents, clients, sponsors, partners, and both members of the municipal and provincial governments, including recently elected MLA Robyn Luff and the City of Calgary's Jason Luan. Food, dance and music from all over the world was on display, as well games, contests and activities. More than 30 countries from around the globe were represented on what was a remarkable day.

The theme for this year's festival was Celebrating Diversity and seeing so many customs and traditions, so much culture and so much diversity all in one place was truly special. CIES would like to thank all those who attended, the artBOX for graciously providing us with an absolutely great venue, the International Avenue Business Revitalization Zone's support, and most especially a heartfelt thanks to all those who participated in the days events. Without your input, without your pride in sharing your culture and donating your time, we could not have put on such a truly amazing day.

What was without a doubt a day of fun also had a very important subtext and in the end, very much stands for what the Calgary Immigrant Educational Society strives for each and every day. CIES seeks to promote global citizenry and what it means to be Canadian through the respect, awareness, and recognition of individual perspective. Specificity over stereotypes, tolerance over dogmatism, and justice over bigotry - CIES is about the deconstruction of ethnocentrism and the undeniable truth that in our diverse and global community that is the great city of Calgary, life has many paths upon which to unfold and not only one. Above all else, although the values and beliefs of any single culture will never be universal, it is in celebrating this undeniable truth that our sense of community, our sense of family, our sense of being Calgarian is born. Thank you for sharing and celebrating with us and making Calgary the remarkable city it is. CLICK HERE for all the amazing pictures from the day. Video highlight reel coming soon!

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