Monday, August 24, 2015

CIES Summer Festival Tomorrow

Tomorrow C.I.E.S. is holding its 5th annual Summer Festival at the artBOX on International Ave. (1807 42 St SE) The event and all its activities are open to the public at no charge, so come on down for a great day of culture and good times. (9:30 am - 2:30 pm) Fun for the whole family, food samples from the world over, games, contests and more are on the agenda for the day. We here at C.I.E.S. want you to come celebrate the true essence of our Calgarian multiculturalism and enjoy the richness it provides, along with providing people an opportunity to learn about and appreciate newcomers’ diverse cultures. Below is a list of the day's activities and we hope to see you there!

  • “Forest Lawn” Bowling:
There will be 7 pins to knock down with 3 chances with our bowling ball globe.

  • Count the Candies contest
The winner is the person closest to the number and will be announced towards the end of the festival. There will be two huge jars and the winners get to take them home.

  • Photograph competition:
Students will vote on ballots for which photo is their favourite.  The winner of the picture will be announced later in the day with 2 tickets to Calaway Park being the prize

  • Where in Canada? 
Students will look at photos of places throughout Canada and will have to guess where they were taken. The winner will be receive a gift certificate to Wal-Mart. 

  • Raffle: Door Prize raffle 
Each person who comes to the festival will receive one ticket and then there will be a draw towards the end of the festival for 2 passes to Heritage Park.

  • Forest Lawn Football Toss:
The students will have to toss a Football to win a prize.  They get 3 tosses and if they get all 3 tosses in a target they can get a “prize”.  Prizes include a mix of school supplies and toys.

  • World Map: 
We will have a world map on one of the walls and all in attendance can put a star sticker on the map of where they are from.

  • Conversation cards:
We will have conversation cards set up at the tables for people to start conversations with new people.

  • Face Painting: 
  • Foam crafts:
  • Foam paper will be at the craft table to be decorated as memorabilia.  
  • Monster Truck Painting:  
  • Flip flop sandal craft: 

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