Wednesday, September 14, 2016

CIES to Participate in YYC Welcoming & Employment Fair II

Back in June The YYC Welcoming and Employment Fair was held at the Calgary Stampede Park with over 900 people attending. The intent was to showcase many of the services available to support newcomers in the Calgary area as well as employment opportunities for those with lower levels of English and lower levels of education. 

The YYC Welcoming and Employment Fair II is now scheduled to be held on October 26th at the Red and White Club/McMahon Stadium at the University of Calgary.  This time with a focus on newcomers to Calgary with higher skills/higher English speaking ability, limited work experience in Canada, and who have arrived over the last five years. A particular focus of this event will be on the Industry Associations and Professional Certification Bodies who will have information booths and can speak on industry/sector and the process to become certified in their specific profession. The various social service agencies that work with newcomers will also have information booths highlighting their services.

Getting to know the market and making connections is really the challenge for a lot of people seeking work. An event like this gives that opportunity and helps get newcomers moving on their way to success. CIES is happy to take part and looks forward to seeing you there! 

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