Tuesday, September 6, 2016

National Read-A-Book Day

Today is September 6, so pour yourself a cup of tea, find a nice place and curl up with a good book because it's National Read A Book Day.

Research has shown that reading can have several health and social benefits. Frequent readers tend to have lower stress levels than non-readers. In addition, reading can stimulate brain activity and improve memory. Socially, reading can reap a lot of benefits - well-read people tend to be more empathetic and aware of social issues and differences.

Although e-books are more common than ever, research shows print books are still more popular than digital books among Canadians, but a book is a book! Regardless of your preference take the time to read, find out more about your favourite author, visit your local library or anything that lends itself to our ever-present option to learn, grow, go on an adventure or just have fun! 

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