Tuesday, January 6, 2015

C.I.E.S - Sharing Best Practices

Teachers are lifelong learners. There is little doubt that continuing education is a requirement for teachers of every level and even more so while now being caught in the throes of what is no less than a technological revolution.  Commonly referred to as professional development, this education assists teachers in staying up to date with new trends and learning new strategies, techniques and methods for classroom challenges. The prevailing notion behind professional development is that increased knowledge will help teachers improve student achievement. This is due to the fact that professionally development can be fine-tuned to an individual teacher’s progress.

That being said, it is the duty of any institution to provide its faculty members with the opportunity to continue their professional development and must exhibit that such development occurs on an ongoing basis. In the realm of education, teachers sit at the very core. Effective teachers are persons who endeavor to excel in their instruction and who seek optimum results from their students. To accomplish this, faculty members need to be goal-oriented.     
The Applied Technology High School’s Sharing Practices Professional Development Program supports is designed to support teachers in their selection of goals, and the advancement of strategies and planning, necessary to accomplish these goals. Below are the objectives of our faculty professional development sessions. We look forward to your participation and suggestions throughout the year.     
  • ·      Raise the quality of learning and teaching
  • ·      Support and inform new and reflective practices
  • ·      Allow for the accomplishment of faculty teaching and learning stratagems
  • ·      Monitor and evaluate the Faculty’s level of PD
  • ·      Foresee staff development priorities and needs
  • ·      Activate what amounts to small-scale research sessions via sharing best practices

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