Saturday, January 31, 2015

C.I.E.S goes to Glenbow

The Calgary Immigrant Education Society wants all learners who pass through their doors to have an educational experience that is as a well rounded as possible. That is why field trips are an important dimension to the Society's learning process. Our field trips expose newcomers from everything to Canadian history to practical shopping habits and are a regular part of the C.I.E.S. experience.

LINC students, from levels 1 through 5, were recently taken to Calgary's Glenbow Museum. Newcomers often arrive in Canada with limited cultural and historical knowledge of their new home and the trip's purpose was to expose our learners to some of the rich heritage of our country - that and to simply have a little fun too.

To supply our learners with a working knowledge of their new home, greatly assists in their understanding of Canada's cultural mindset and our place within the global community.

If you have photos stories our even activities from field trips you have taken or are planning on taking in the new year, please do share them with your coordinator.

Accompanying pictures to this post courtesy of CLB 3-5 FT learner Maroua Messaoudi.

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