Thursday, January 22, 2015

Embodied Lesson From 2013

2013 Local: The day before my last class with my last group of summer camp students and the weekend before my final 5P10 assignment was due (summer camp + 5P10 course+ meeting Charlie = local), I made a connection that ruptured into a plateau or my locale that was this final project (lesson and video). Everything just came together when my students expressed their sadness and devastation with their friends who had already left summer camp. I wanted to help them cope with their pain and grief. I wish I could have videotaped all the lessons I implemented after each 5P10 class. This is the last of the many embodied lessons that I implemented throughout the duration of EDUC 5P10 and my work at CIC. 

From Patricia Sadurska, Welcome Centre LINC instructor CLB 3-5

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