Thursday, February 12, 2015

PD Day at C.I.E.S.

On Wednesday February 11 C.I.E.S held its fourth PD session of 2015. With changes to the LINC programs delivery and assessment criteria in the the form of portfolio based learning assessment (PBLA) set to officially begin in April, all teachers are receiving ongoing training. In addition to PBLA, the internal C.I.E.S. mandate to shift more towards on-line communication and sharing was the catalyst for the second half of the days professional development, in the form of training on Blogger use and cloud storage. Another new C.I.E.S. initiative, the Peer-to-Peer Observation Program, was also shared and discussed and will be set to launch March 1st of this year.  In the end, it was another successful day dedicated to instructor and overall organizational improvement. With six more PD days scheduled before the end of March, C.I,.E.S. is providing ample opportunity to its staff to learn and grow as immigrant sector professionals.

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