Friday, February 13, 2015

Pot Luck Lunch

With Family Day giving students and teachers a long weekend and Valentine's Day coming the next day, some teachers took the opportunity to have a bit of  celebration with their classes on Friday.  Patricia's CLB FT 3-5 class at the NE location had a pot luck lunch and as most everything at C.I.E.S. is, it was yet another display of interculturalism. Dishes from Asia, the Middle East and more were enjoyed by all and a fun day to end the week was on the menu. If you would ever like to share your classroom celebration with the C.I.E.S. Blog let me know. All it will cost is a plate of food! Have a great long weekend everyone.
Patricia Sadurska's WC CLB FT 3-5


  1. Thank you David. The students really enjoyed speaking with you today. It was a great day! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Thanks David for the picture. I sincerely appreciate the time i spent with my second family .. it really was a nice potluck!!