Tuesday, March 17, 2015

CIES Field Trip - The Core Shopping Centre and The Calgary Civic Complex

On the morning of Wednesday, March 4, 2015, our CLB 3 FT class went on a field trip downtown to visit the Core Shopping Centre. Prior to this trip, we had been considering the theme of consumerism and had completed some real world tasks based on shopping and completing store returns. (These tasks had emerged from a student needs assessment that was conducted at the beginning of the semester). We had also previously learned how to navigate a shopping mall directory. Accordingly, students went on the Core Shopping Centre’s website, chose three stores that they would be interested in actually visiting, and plotted these stores, (approximately), on a handout with a multilevel map of the centre. On this same handout, (see attached document), the students were given a series of questions that we had practised in class, and were encouraged to use these questions, as well as those they came up with, at the Core. Some post field trip comments from Ashraf, a student in the class that is from Libya, can be viewed in the corresponding video. 

Overall the students really enjoyed the field trip. I have to admit that this was somewhat of a surprise for me. Mamadou, a Guinea student, described the centre as “paradise” as he considered the cleanliness and the consistent supply of electricity that was powering the lights. This was obviously a stark contrast to what he had come to know in his home country. Beyond that, it seemed the students enjoyed using some of the tools from the classroom in a real life context.

After lunch in the Devonian Gardens on that same day, we were also privileged to take in a tour of the Calgary Civic Complex. Our gracious and patient tour guide showed us around the interior of the complex, and explained the significance of various murals, paintings, artefacts and structures both inside and outside the building. As well, we got to sit in the gallery of council chambers, (on a day when council was not in session), and learn about what happens during council meetings and the basics of how the municipal government functions. You can download the accompanying activity to the trip by clicking here. 


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