Friday, March 27, 2015

New Era, New Logo? Part II

First off, thanks to all those who offered feedback on the logos so far introduced. Some organizations take months and put forth dozens of designs before settling on a logo and its always feedback that drives new versions, alterations and inclusions, and thus arriving at a brand best suited to a new era.

Taken from our last round of feedback, several felt it was best to include the full name of the society in the logo. It has been our thought, that wherever the logo appears (reports, proposals, our blog and websites etc.) the full name of the organization will appear right next to it and therefore perhaps not entirely necessary in the logo itself. That being said, taking your thoughts into account, the full name has been placed below the CIES logo in a secondary, rather than a primary capacity. In designing this latest potential logo, I also took into account the great suggestion that we essentially have a single design that can work for both our SE and NE locations,

Consensus is as we are a settlement agency a maple leaf / flag should be included, as it represents a visual cue newcomers will automatically be drawn towards. Red and white, although not settled upon as colours, is what I will base logo designs on as an extension of Canada, our flag and a carry over from our initial logo. As before, please do offer your feedback, as what you see below was based on your suggestions.


  1. Hi David,
    You're really good at designing these logos! I like the central placement of the maple leaf flags and the inclusion of the full names on these logos. However, I think I prefer the broader font you used in the first version as our organization's acronym stands out more and is easier to read that way. Just my two cents.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Daniel! I'm working on a another this week and try tio take in your suggestions...