Tuesday, November 24, 2015

CIES Attends 2nd Annual Make Dollars Make Sense

A burning question board members of non-profits face is “how will we fund our work?”  Sometimes however, as an afterthought they ask “how will we manage that funding once we get it?”

Last weekend, CIES attended the second annual Make Dollars Make Sense: Funding and Financial Management 101, in celebration of National Financial Literacy Month, and presented by Board Leadership Calgary. MDMS was a one-day learning event for current or potential Board members and staff of small non-profits, as well as members of community organizations and grass roots groups. It addressed questions related to funding and financial management, and showed to all those in attedence how important it is to learn about both!

CIES was happy to attend and learned a great deal throughout the day. Thank you to the organizers for putting on such a wonderful learning event and we will see you next year! For more photos CLICK HERE.

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