Tuesday, November 10, 2015

CIES Pays Tribute to its Founding Father

In honour of our founding member Mr. Salim M. Sindhu, the Calgary Immigrant Educational Society marks the one year anniversary of his passing,  on this 10th day of November, 2015. From our humble beginnings back in 1988, he worked tirelessly and as a result of his dedication CIES grew from 5 volunteers in a single office to an employer of nearly 90 dedicated staff members and over 100 volunteers.

CIES now operates and is in full ownership of both our main office building in Calgary’s SE Forest Lawn district and our branch building in Calgary’s NE Whitehorn district. Since its inception, CIES has assisted nearly a quarter of million clients to strengthen their identities as members of Alberta society, offering services valued at tens of millions of dollars. And even though Mr. Sindhu served as the Executive Director of CIES for more than quarter century, he also consistently found time to volunteer around the city of Calgary as a public speaker, ambassador, and committee member.

Salim left much behind on the day of his passing and we here at CIES will continue the mission he set forth more than 27 years ago -  to provide immigrants and economically challenged individuals the tools to be successful and active participants in the Calgary community. Below CIES president M'Liss Edwards recounts the history of the Society and the life of Salim M. Sindhu - as they are one in the same.

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