Monday, November 23, 2015

Mayor Nenhsi on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

The City of Calgary has a passionate and whip-smart leader. Perhaps more than anything else, Mayor Naheed Nenshi seamlessly weaves the fabric of government and humanity into a palpable cloak of justness, and in doing so reveals the political spectrum as a force of good - something that is often difficult to do these days. Now Nenhsi will have to harness this synchronicity in the name of what has become the biggest humanitarian crisis the planet has seen since WWII.

Last week the second of two forums on the Syrian refugee crisis was held at the John Dutton Theatre. Nenshi firmly believes in both Canada's commitment to do what they can for the refugees of Syria and that Calgary is steadfastly prepared to do its part. His words remind us of who we are as a country and why the city of Calgary is amongst the greatest cities in the world in which to live.

Indeed we are all in it together and yes, we are ready...

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