Wednesday, February 3, 2016

CIES Launches Latest Video Series - Diana's Demo Reel

With this post the Calgary Immigrant Educational Society and CIES Productions launches its latest video series, Diana's Demo Reel. Diana Katsnelson, who started her career as a teacher of English as a second language in South Korea and has been with us here at CIES for nearly 7 years, will share her thoughts and ideas about teaching and learning in the classroom throughout 2016.  While our previous series. Demos with Donna. offered us a look inside the pre-literate and entry level experience, Diana invites you inside a Canadian Language benchmark Level 7 classroom environment. With a Level 4 being the minimum required language benchmark to sit for a Canadian citizenship exam, these students have well passed that and are working to hone their skills to go directly into college or the workplace. Enjoy Volume One below!

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