Tuesday, February 23, 2016


The ninth non-profit highlighted in the CIES Community Investors Series is Families Matter. Families Matter is Calgary’s premier parenting education organization facilitating change that strengthens families resulting in healthy futures for children and their caregivers. Their mission provides parenting education resulting in healthy child development and confident and competent parents who are connected within their communities

In the end, our family contains the most important people in our lives and exists as a microcosm of society.  People learn to consider others, accept authority, be responsible, and attend to family members who need care. Instilling values on the family level ensures that these values are intrinsic to a society. Further still, children should be the most important people in the lives of people both right here in our great city and all around the world. Too many times parents have children and come into conflict with the fact their lives must change and decisions should be made in terms of what is best for the children. This is not always the easy or popular decision, but this leads children to become stronger, healthier, and happier. This in turn has the same effect upon society as whole.

Families Matter is committed to strengthening families through life’s many transitions. One way they accomplish this mission is by scouring the seemingly infinite choices of programs, services and resources and selecting those we feel offer the very best learning opportunities and make them available to all Calgarians. They also recognize that families come in many sizes, face many challenges and opportunities and span the full spectrum of life’s many stages and ages -- from babies to grandparents. To address these needs, they continuously develop their curriculum and add to their list of education partners.

Families Matter want family members to confidently communicate, be accountable and respectful with their language, with their parents, siblings and peers. Families Matter want parents to parents routinely model effective ways of problem solving with their children in ways that build self-esteem. Imagine how well society would function if this was the normal way of being?

CIES extends its full support and gratitude for the contribution Families Matter makes to the city of Calgary and sends a big thank you for the important service you provide. For more information, along with volunteer and career opportunities, please visit their website.

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