Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Community Investors VIII: Federation of Calgary Communities

The eighth non-profit highlighted in the CIES Community Investors Series is the Federation of Calgary Communities. Incorporated in 1961, the Federation of Calgary Communities is a support organization to over 200 member not-for-profit organizations including the 150 community associations of Calgary and area. Community associations across the city work like the anchor for their communities and the Federation of Calgary Communities supports its membership, through an understanding of their needs, assisting in their work, linking common issues, while being supportive in learning and sharing.  Overall, the Federation of Calgary Communities exists to provide quality programs, services, and support to their members and offer an informed and respected voice on issues important to building, supporting, and maintaining community life in Calgary.

Their members have access to five unique service areas, all which offer quality educational opportunities and resources, one-on-one support, and much more.

  • information.
  • financial services
  • urban planning
  • member services
  • celebrating communities
  • building safe communities

​Community associations are about much more than landscaping and lawn care. They are about creating a welcoming atmosphere that promotes belonging for all residents. Associations often work on the front lines of important social, cultural, and environmental issues, responding to the needs of their residents; while fostering and supporting residents of their communities to engage their neighbourhoods and in civic life in general. This is facilitated through social, recreation and sports programs, and neighbourhood improvement plans. Additionally, community associations have the potential to mobilize citizens and local resources in order to make contributions to the overall well being of life within a community life and in doing so, provide a shared sense of citizenship and inclusion.

CIES extends its full support and a big thank you to the Federation of Calgary Communities for the important service you have provided our great city for more than more than a half century; a service, that at its heart, is truly Canadian. For more information, along with volunteer opportunities, please visit their website.

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