Thursday, May 12, 2016

CIES Attends Screening of Elder in the Making

Elder in the Making is an important film.

With the unjust stereotypes of Canada's Aboriginal population and the selective processing of the history of Southern Alberta sitting at it's core, Elder in the Making pairs two film makers, first generation Chinese Canadian Chris Hsuing and Blackfoot Cowboy SmithX, as they embark on a journey of discovery into Alberta's Blackfoot territory. Director Hsuing, with an underlying theme of reconciliation, sets out to explore the Blackfoot Nation, discovering he has much in common with his Aboriginal counterpart.

An emotional, educational and funny odyssey of experience, the film reveals the complexity of Indigenous culture and the historical Treaty 7, while exploring the idea of what it means to be an Elder and more importantly, the ownership and responsibility we all have of to pass on knowledge to the next generation. Simply put, the film is a must see for all Canadians.

I was fortunate enough to see both of these young film makers in person speaking about this film upon it's conclusion and if given the chance to hear them speak, don't pass on it. This interesting odd couple of brothers in arms carries the message of the film with both humour and empathy and it remains the same when seeing them in person.

Although unavailable on DVD at the moment, CBC has recently bought the broadcast rights for the film which means many will be able to see it soon. A special thanks to the artBOX on 17E for providing the space to screen this important film and most of all, to Chris and Cowboy for being there to share their work. For more photos of the event CLICK HERE.

Director Chris Hsuing and star Cowboy Smithx

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