Monday, May 9, 2016

Calgary Refugees Give Back

If all the people currently in Canada, they may know best what it's like to run for their lives. And so, when residents desperate to flee the fire devouring their city began clogging up the highway out of Fort McMurray,  Syrian refugees who now call Calgary home could not only relate but immediately stepped up to help.

These newcomers are grateful for the generosity of Canadians, of Calgarians, they want to help in any way they can and in doing so, they're humanity is shining through. They’re only been in Canada for a few months, and have little money or possessions, but dozens of Syrian families have donated $5 to $20 to the drive, and in one case a five-year-old Syrian boy donated two of his toys and some storybooks to help those in need.

They have joined thousands of Canadians across the country in doing whatever they can to help a city devastated by the worst forest fire in Alberta's history and what is on track to become the biggest insurance event Canada has ever seen.

You too can help by donating to the Red Cross. Either text the word REDCROSS to 30333 (a confirmation text will appear before any money is accepted), or go here to help.
The thoughts of all of us here at CIES  are with the residents of Northern Alberta and all of those risking their lives to help

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  1. Thank you to these wonderful new Canadians. The Fort Mac evacuees were in dire straits for sure but at least they weren't running from gunfire as well, like the folks from Syria and other countries.