Monday, July 18, 2016

CIES Partners with Women in Need Society

CIES is pleased to announce that we have become a partner with Women in Need Society (WINS). Practicing social good since 1992, WINS is an environmentally conscious non-profit organization dedicated to the repurposing, upcycling and recycling gently used items into social good. When you choose to recycle your gently used household items and clothing by donating to WINS you are making a difference in the wellbeing and health of our community.

 As a not-for-profit thrift retailer WINS repurposes gently used items for social good plus 75% of the revenue generated through WINS thrift stores goes directly into supporting vital programs.

The purpose of our partnership with WINS  is to promote access of basic needs for economically challenged women and their families. WINS offers free clothing, household items and furniture to women referred by CIES. CIES will do a needs assessment to determine client eligibility and fit for the Free Goods and Service Referral Program (FGRP).   Through this program,  clients can get coupons to receive clothing, household items and furniture from WINS locations in Dover, Fisher Park, Bowness and Richmond. For details on how CIES can help you find out if you are eligible, contact us at either of our locations - NE 403-291-0002 - SE 403-235-3666.. For more information about the Women in Need Society and to find our how you can contribute, visit their website.  

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