Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Literacy & Basic English @ CIES

Specifically designed to help adult immigrants who have extremely low to non-literate language skills acquire the basic essentials required for learning English, this program works to minimise the language-learning obstacles experienced by some individuals and prepare them for basic conversation of the English alphabet and words.

This program focuses on improving participants’ self-esteem and confidence when using the English language. CIES currently offers morning and afternoon Literacy and Basic English classes. The goal of this program is to introduce the basics of the English language to low-literacy participants and minimise language-learning obstacles.

This free program is open to permanent residents, refugees and unlike many of our programs even Canadian citizens, helps adult learners develop basic literacy skills and learning strategies which prepare them for future ESL study, such as our LINC and Drop-In ESL programs. The classes are taught by encouraging and positive instructors who create a hands-on learning environment for all students. The classes extend over a course of 10 weeks with over 100 hours of classroom instructional time.

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