Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Emerge Market Underway @ the ArtBOX on 17E

Thinking of opening a new business? Have a business idea but want to test the concept with potential customers first? ​ Emerge Market is looking for entrepreneurs for an exciting new outdoor market in your local Greater Forest Lawn neighbourhood.

​This will be a unique market unlike any other market in the city; a fantastic opportunity with inexpensive table fees! It’s a summer, outdoor market that began the second week of July and will continue throughout the summer until the end of September. The mission is to create a vibrant outdoor market to foster the spirit of the community and to give entrepreneurs a chance to operate in a low cost market to test their ideas.

Emerge Market is a short-term operation for the sale of items, prepared food, creative handy work, art work, and items under the direction of a designated operator. ​As consumers look to source locally produced and support local economies by buying product close to home, the popularity of the market continues to grow substantially.

​Why not make your hobby your business? Check out some of our vendor profiles here who have done just that. Contact Emerge Market through their website or call 403-248-7288 for more information and to apply to be a vendor!

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