Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Canadian Workplace Culture Expert Matt Adolphe Visits CIES

CIES was paid a visit by Matt Adolphe, an internationally-experienced communication expert, to talk to our clients about workplace culture in Canada. In his book of the Canadian Workplace Culture: Mastering the Unspoken Rules, he explains why certain behaviours don’t work in Canadian workplaces and uses familiar situations to highlight what happens when you get it wrong. The rules Adolphe reveals are supplemented by quizzes that assist the reader in comprehending the main points.

The goal of the book and its self-assessment is to reduce the behaviours that will be seen as undesirable and impeding to a newcomers career, while strengthening those aspects of their personalities that lead to integration and thus more workplace success in Canada.

Our clients truly enjoyed Adolphe's presentation revealing Canadian Workplace Culture to be a reader-friendly book that will be useful for those about to enter the workforce, immigrating to or studying in Canada or who would simply like to be more successful at work. Human Resource professionals would be wise to keep this book on their desk as well. On a side note, Matt revealed to CIES a follow up book is soon on its way and he'll sit down and talk to us about it next month!

Author Matt Adolphe

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