Monday, October 26, 2015

CIES Set to Kick Off United Way Campaign

For more than two decades CIES has received funding, to varying degrees, from the United Way. In return, for some 20 years we have been participating in the workplace United Way Campaign and will kick off things for 2015 on November 1st. Via a variety of events, CIES will raise money throughout November and at month's end will donate all proceeds to the United Way. An truly invaluable arm of the community, the United Way provides Calgary with the services and programs that are needed to improve the quality of life for our most vulnerable citizens. This is no doubt why we are always grateful for the opportunity to participate in this yearly campaign.

A few of our fundraising activities for the United Way can be see below:
  1. Jeans day. Staff can pay $5.00 for the week or $2 a day. Fridays are still casual days so there will be no need to pay on Fridays.
  2. Change/coin drive – classes collect coins for the month and the class that collects the most coins will receive a pizza party!!
  3. Yard Sale/Student Bake Sale on November 17. $5 to rent a table. All proceeds of table rental will go to United Way. Proceeds made at the table with go to class/individual running the table.
  4. Bake Sale (Details to come)
For more information about the United Way and how you can help simply visit their website

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