Wednesday, October 7, 2015

CIES Attends and Receives Funding at Great in Greater Forest Lawn

Great in Greater Forest Lawn is a promotion run by the International Avenue Business Revitalization ZoneThe concept is for people to pitch ways to improve and contribute to Forest Lawn with little restriction as to how. Creativity is the name of the game. The winning pitches are based on audience voting and receive funding to help get their projects up and running. The event brings the Forest Lawn community together and stresses the amount of potential the district of our city holds.

Yesterday GIG II took place once again at the artBOX on 17E and many interesting ideas were shared. CIES was rewarded for its commitment to making Forest Lawn the best it can be, with both CIES LINC teacher Graham Mackenzie along with Drop-in and Volunteer Manager Melissa McKinnon receiving funding for the proposed projects. 

Lastly, a big thank you and tip of the hat the International Ave's BRZ for this truly wonderful initiative. The organizations stated mission is to promote, improve and create a more pleasant community in which to shop and live. The extension of this is pride and an improved sense of community pride in Forest Lawn and we both applaud and fully support them in their efforts. For more pictures of the event CLICK HERE. 

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