Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Neighbourlink Moves Forward

About six months ago, the Calgary charity NeighbourLink was set to close its doors, but director of operations Nikki Golnik wasn't having any of it. After months of hard work, and voluntarism by many, former employees and otherwise, NeighbourLink will be ready to once again take on new clients as of November 2, 2015.

Chris Jost, NeighbourLink’s new executive director, also played a vital role in the long standing organization's resurrection. Dedicating himself fully to getting this truly valuable organization back on its feet, Jost went to work and said that Neighbourlink owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to their creditors, who forgave the organization’s debt.

NeighbourLink primarily assists people who are transitioning out of homelessness by providing them with furniture and other household items, as well cribs, diapers and formula to families in need. We would like to congratulate Nikki and Chris, as well as all those who worked so tirelessly to save what is a much needed charitable organization and long-serving organization here in the city of Calgary. And remember, we here at CIES are ready to do whatever we can to help. Best of luck in the new Era of Neighbourlink!

You can help with donations of furniture and diapers and baby formula are always welcome. Like Neighbourlink on Facebook or visit the organization’s website for more information 

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  1. Thank you CIES - You appreciate the opportunity to work with you.