Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation Set to Launch #ICameAsARefugee Campaign

Every day war, execution, and natural disasters force thousands of people to flee their homes. In order to escape, they leave everything behind – all except their hopes and dreams for a better future.

#ICameAsARefugee is a campaign that sheds positive light on refugees and celebrates their contribution to our society. It is a response to anti-refugee feelings. This campaign highlights six different refugees that came to Canada, and tells their stories through their own words.

On June 20th, the Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation poster campaign will be launched in downtown Calgary for the first time on World Refugee Day. After the event, the posters will be put across Calgary on various train station platforms, community bulletin boards, and institutions. The posters highlighting each refugee, as well as exclusive video interviews will all be made available to the public on June 20th through our website .

Join in the conversation by sharing the campaign using #ICameAsARefugee to start the movement in ending hate towards asylum seekers and helping to create an understanding and empowerment for refugees. Asylum seekers are also encouraged to share their own stories through the hashtag, or anyone can share the stories of people they know who came as refugees.

Advertising is not cheap. As a 100% non-funded volunteer-led organisation, CCMF  will be raising money to support the poster campaign across Canada. The more money we can raise, the more impact we can have. Everything we raise will go towards buying advertising space so the posters can be put up all over the country. More details to come June 20th!

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