Tuesday, June 14, 2016

CIES Family Tree: Louisa Agapiou

Summer time means good weather, the outdoors, and sunshine. Here at CIES summer also often means practicum students and that said CIES would like to welcome Louisa to our extended family tree. Louisa Agapio recently turned 19 and is entering her second year at the University of Alberta. Currently majoring in Political Science, she hopes to soon be accepted to the Criminology program at the U of A in Edmonton.

Though she resides in Edmonton for the majority of the year, Louisa was born and raised in Calgary and attended Sir Winston Churchill High School,  graduating just last year. During her time in high school, she was a part of the rugby team, the wrestling team, the cross-country team, and the Yearbook Team, amongst others. This summer, she is staying in Calgary with herfamily and was recently accepted as part of the CIES team as a summer student. She will be working with Melissa, our Volunteer and Drop-in ESL Manager, to implement the new curriculum for the Drop-In E.S.L. program.

The daughter of parents who immigrated to Canada, Louisa is a first-generation Canadian and feels working here at CIES is relevant to her prior life experiences. She also has also volunteered in the past teaching ESL and helping low-level literacy children improve their reading skills.

All of us here at CIES welcome her aboard and look forward to working with Louisa throughout the summer! 

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