Wednesday, June 15, 2016

On Display @ Pho Down 2016 "Pink Rules"

Pho Down 2016 is almost here, On the last day of the Calgary Stampede, the Pho Down will take place at the Albert Park Radisson Community Centre (1310 28 St SE). Aside from 8 Pho restaurants up and down International avenue all participating and a list of cultural performers, the Pho Down will have a very special guest. Artist Quynh May from Hanoi will be shipping in her powerful and captivating Pink Rules art installation all the way from Vietnam.

In the words of Quynh May, "This exhibition is for those who used to feel, or still feel that they are not deserving enough and not good enough for the rules set by the society, by other people, and even by themselves; so that they can ask themselves this question: how do you truly want to live, if not having to make yourself living mummies?"

Quynh May was born in 1974, Hanoi, Vietnam. She has received many art achievement awards locally and internationally during her adolescent years, with paintings done at the age of six being kept by the Vietnamese Fine Art Museum. Quynh May had grown up under the influence of a retarding education system and the oppression of women in Vietnam, which resulted in many years of her being unrecognised as an artist, working extremely hard as a single-mother to support two children and having to fight her depressive periods alone. These factors have had great contributions to her present work. In 2015, after finding her stand again in the world of fine arts, Quynh May had her very first solo exhibition in the series “Wake up call”. Sculpture installation Pink Rules is the second exhibition project in this series. The installation depicts the oppression and lack of liberty that many people in the world have to live under, especially the women of Vietnam.

For more photos and information on the Pink Rules installation and the rest of Pho Down 2016 simply CLICK HERE. 

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