Friday, June 24, 2016

Staff and Volunteer Appreciation Day @ CIES

Thursday June 23rd was Staff and Volunteer Appreciation day at CIES. Held at our SE Location in Forest Lawn, it was day that recognised the contributions and hard work of our many volunteers and employees. With rapid expansion and our staff ballooning from 90 to more than 130 employees over the last few months, it was also a great chance for the many people in our fast growing organisation to get to know the new faces that have joined us.

The culmination of a staff survey also resulted in an awards ceremony for a number of categories that included Outside the Box Thinker: someone who comes up with great new ideas and sees a different solutions; Excellence in Humour and Entertainment: someone who keeps morale high and makes people look forward to a day at the office; Behind the Scenes Wonder: someone whose daily management makes everything go smoothly for everyone else; Mr./Ms. Positive: someone who is always upbeat, kind and nice to everyone; Mr./Ms. Best Dressed: someone who dresses great day after day, Frequent Flyer; someone who travels back and forth between both locations to help others and Above and Beyond: someone who goes the extra mile for clients and staff alike.

This annual event represents CIES and its mandate to put people first and is predicated on humanity, happiness and trust. Our Society is built upon these characteristics and our goal is to create a culture of consistent recognition and appreciation among staff and volunteers.  For more photos of the event CLICK HERE.

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