Monday, June 20, 2016

Phodown 2016 - The Performers

The Pho Down is an afternoon of amazing food and beautiful cultural demonstrations, featuring some of Calgary's most talented Vietnamese artists and performers. The event will also feature the first ever International Avenue Spring Roll eating competition.  And of course a LOT of Pho. The Pho Down will take place July 16th on International Avenue at the Albert Park Radisson Community Centre 1310 28 St SE. Performances will start at 11:00 am, followed by the Spring Roll eating competition then Pho will be offered at 8 Vietnamese restaurants on International Avenue - all for a donation of your choice, with all proceeds going the Alex Food Centre. Simply CLICK HERE below to reserve your tickets now.

It is our hope that a positive experience like Pho Down will create a sense of pride, a pride in the diversity of our neighbourhood that everyone contributes to the wealth of our communities. Wealth meaning the richness of character and depth of interconnectedness, and empathy we have for each other. We believe that food has the power to bond us all together. Regardless of one's culture, age, gender, or sexuality, we all eat. And most of us like eating a lot. Pho is delicious. Spring Rolls are delicious. People eating a lot of spring rolls in a very short amount of time is a ridiculous thing to watch. Get your tickets below and come Pho Down and see our performers below!

Anthony Chim: Pho Down Performance Director
Executive Director of Calgary Vietnamese Television Calgary, who has been to 108 countries as a public speaker, performer & MC.

Lucy Mo:
Specialised in Vietnamese country music with traditional background dancers.  Has performed in Calgary and Vancouver in many concerts and special events.

Tony Phan:
First Runner-up of Red FM Idol 2014.  Has performed in Canada and USA as a fast-rising 16-year-old star.

Hong Minh: 
Has performed since a young age of 12 and appeared on Global TV, Canada Day Celebration, Vietnamese Concerts, New Year’s Eve Celebrations, and many special events across Canada, USA,and Mexico.

Tiffany Pham:
Top of the Calgary Vietnamese Golden Voice Contest 2015.  Professional ballroom dancer.  Has performed in Calgary and Vietnam.

Chien Dang:  
Experienced musician, organist/guitarist who has performed all across Canada serving Vietnamese, Chinese, and Canadian communities

Scott Thai:
Specialised in Vietnamese-Chinese songs.  Has performed in Calgary and Edmonton in many concerts and special events.  

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