Tuesday, June 23, 2015

CIES @ Great in Greater Forest Lawn

The artBOX hosted "Great in Greater Forest Lawn today," a promotion run by the International Avenue Business Revitalization Zone.The concept was for people to pitch ways to improve Forest Lawn with little restriction as to how. Creativity was the name of the game. The winning pitches would receive funding to help get their projects up and running. The event brought the Forest Lawn community together and stressed the amount of potential the district of our city holds. 

Our very own Diana Katsnelson, CLB 6/7 instructor from our NE location, and her pitch for the "little free library", a give a book, take a book drop box was selected as a winner. Great job Diana! And a special thanks to Allison and the BRZ, a great organization CIES is proud to support in its cause. For more pictures of the event CLICK HERE. 

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