Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The CIES Annual General Meeting

Last night at our NE location in Whitehorn, CIES held its 27th annual general meeting. The evening was a great success and a result of the hard work and dedication of literally hundreds of people. The highlight of the night were the stories as told by our clients, those immigrants who come to Canada in search of better life. Without them we would not be here. CIES too has its own story, and although many know it, some will not... here it is in a nutshell.

The Calgary Immigrant Educational Society is a non profit registered charity established in 1988 with one primary goal: to provide Calgary immigrants and economically disadvantaged individuals with a solid foothold in Canada and afford them the opportunities to grow into productive and confident Canadians.  C.I.E.S. is governed by a Board of Directors made up of devoted community minded volunteers and operates through funding from both government and private organizations. From our humble beginnings, C.I.E.S. has grown from 5 volunteers in a single office to an employer of about 90 dedicated staff members and over 100 volunteers. C.I.E.S. now operates and is in ownership of both a 15,000 square foot main office building in Calgary’s SE Forest Lawn district and a 22,000 square foot branch building in Calgary’s NE Whitethorn district. Since its inception, C.I.E.S. has assisted nearly a quarter of million clients to strengthen their identities as members of Alberta society, offering services valued at tens of millions of dollars.

And now, our story continues...

For Photos of last night's great event, just CLICK HERE

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