Thursday, June 25, 2015

CIES: Who We Are - Part I

A huge part of what makes CIES possible are the many volunteers who work with us daily to best serve the community of Calgary. In part 1 of our original 7 part series "Who We Are" we talk to Ms. Rabail Qasir, volunteer Drop in ESL teacher at our SE Location in Forest Lawn.  

A great way to learn about different cultures and help others is to volunteer with an organization like CIES. The benefits of volunteering work both ways and often it is the volunteer who gets more out of donating his or her time and effort. Volunteering means establishing great connections, building your career, and supplies a sense of purpose. Additionally  Psychology Today even claims that those who  regularly volunteer live longer and healthier lives. In the end, Rabail speaks to much of this and her story is very much our own. 

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