Friday, June 26, 2015

CIES Re-Launches Website

As CIES moves into its 28th year of existence, we continue to search for the best ways to serve our clients and the community of Calgary. CIES has been online since 2004 and its website has gone through a variety of changes in that time. Our most recent upgrade however comes with a first.

Our first upgrade and redesign in three years was done entirely in house. As the use of technology and social media more and more simply become a part of daily life in the 21st century,  the team at CIES is now stocked with highly capable and creative web designers, graphic artists and techno-files. This also means all future changes, upgrades, redesigns and add-ons will be done by CIES and no longer will be outsourced.  Additionally, CIES is now channelling its technical capabilities into developing more on-line course work and we are excited at the direction we are headed. 

Lastly, the Calgary Immigrant Educational Society is one organization with two locations, in both Whitehorn and Forest Lawn. Previously our NE location and our SE location each had their own site, but no longer. All information on both locations is now combined into a single website, with programs offered at either both or one location clearly laid out for all to see.  The slick, modern, and user friendly new interface (which allows clients to easily register on-line) is now very much representative of CIES, that being both our technological capabilities and our constant striving to provide our clients with the most up-to-date services and support. 

Check out our new site by CLICKING HERE.  

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