Monday, June 8, 2015

Peer-to-Peer Observations @ CIES

At C.I.E.S. we do our best to share best practices and our top notch teachers lead the way. A new initiative for 2015, March saw the launch of the Peer-to-Peer observation program. Peer observation has been incorporated into orientation and training for all newly arriving teachers at C.I.E.S. and is and exciting opportunity for LINC instructors to see the wonderfully diverse landscape that is teaching English as a second language. Long serving teachers have also gotten involved in the program, watching other veteran instructors in the classroom to get new ideas and fresh perspectives.

The program has also served to link our two locations and strengthen the sense of CIES culture, with teaches travelling between our NE and SE locations to observe classes. Pictured are two of our most senior teachers - Diana Katsnelson (left) and Jana Ciobanu (right). Jana has been with us for 7 years and Diana going on 6 years, but both still strive for new ideas and the Peer-to-Peer Observation program provides them with the opportunity. Diana travelled from our NE location in Whitehorn to our to out Forest Lawn location today to observe Jana's class. The key aspect of the program can be seen below and a link to our FAQ on the Peer-to-Peer Initiative can be downloaded here.

"Peer-to-peer observation is a professionally supportive exchange, minus the intent to judge. The growth in trust and respect that comes from sharing ideas and skills in such a manner can truly help all involved, as well as fostering an overall positive effect on the atmosphere of the school. It’s very beneficial to talk through an experience with a person who can both empathize and understand in a way only a fellow teacher can. 
Experienced teachers are often surprised when their peers identify their strengths; many even think that what they do well is little more than routine and not worthy of commendation. This is why peer-to-peer observation, at its most fundamental level, is about encouragement and support."

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