Tuesday, June 2, 2015


CIES is firmly entrenched in the Calgary community as a leader in building and maintaining partnerships that serve both our clients and the city of Calgary. The Calgary Workers' Resource Centre (CWRC) is a charitable organization  funded by the United Way of Calgary and Area, the Alberta Law Foundation and donations from individuals and organizations that are concerned about the well-being and quality of life of working people in Alberta. The CWRC has three main programs -- its Case Work program, and its Employment Rights, Obligations, Benefits Education and the New Alberta Worker (NAW) program.

On Monday, Community Outreach and Cultural Broker, Candace Martens visited CIES to conduct a workshop on occupational health and safety. Candace has been coming to CIES for more than 5 years informing our clients on a number of topics during that time, ranging from WCB claims to Employment Insurance. Candace takes great satisfaction  in enlightening people of their rights and is extremely proud of CWRC`s advocacy in the community. Last year alone CWRC was responsible for assuring more than 4 million dollars was rightfully placed in the hands of Calgary workers.

It is people like Candace that make CIES possible. We salute her long term service and CWRC for providing us with her expert knowledge. See you next term Candace!

For more information on CWRC visit their website call 403-264-8117 or download their brochure HERE.

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