Friday, April 29, 2016

CIES Attends WeEmploy Inaugural Round-Table hosted by Canadian Icon Tom Jackson

He walked slowly to the front of the room, his tall slender frame seeming to have a sense of effortlessness as he moved. For a moment, he just stood and looked across the people in front of him through his dark, almond shaped eyes. "You know me... but there is something you don’t know," he said in his deep baritone voice that instantly seemed to ring with truth.

"I love you....  I love all of you....  you saved my life."

The tall, slender man in front of us was Canadian icon Tom Jackson. The group he was addressing was a collection of key local Calgary area non profits. His love was for those people and their organizations who dedicate themselves to helping those is need. His connection was once being a 38 year old man suffering from addiction, homeless and living in a crawl space,  before discovering how helping others in fact would be the only way he could save himself. There is no doubt, the story of Tom Jackson is the stuff of legend. Born on the One Arrow Reserve in Saskatchewan to an English father and Cree mother, and raised largely in Winnipeg, Jackson has been an actor, singer, producer and activist for over 40 years, and is well known for his dedication to helping the less fortunate.

CIES was in attendance of an event hosted by Jackson and put on by WeEmploy. Jackson has put his full support behind their vision and shared his views and insights on working with not-for-profits and bringing communities together for social initiatives. 

WeEmploy is a digital platform that facilitates the matching of employers and charitable organizations with individuals who are seeking employment and volunteer positions. Backed by over 30 years of experience, WeEmploy empowers the market with knowledge and expertise in staffing and recruitment, job boards, social recruiting and voluntarism.

Seeking to break the status quo, WeEmploy leverages its intelligent applicant and network database to eliminate barriers between employers and job-seekers, at a competitive rate. Its rich, streamlined applicant database is designed to make the recruitment process efficient and cost-effective. To date, WeEmploy Inc. has provided services valued at more than $$250,000 to charitable sectors in Canada and the US, having helped 85 charities so far in our rapidly expanding network.

As a social enterprise (company with purpose and profit), WeEmploy gives back by offering charities within the WeEmploy network free use of their services to post staff and volunteer positions; access to a database of work-ready job-seekers; and the opportunity to create community awareness for their cause.

CIES is excited at the possibilities of utilizing and collaborating with WeEmploy and fully supports their vision. For More photos of the event CLICK HERE and be sure to watch the incredibly moving video below. We very much look forward to where the future takes us with this worthwhile project!

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