Tuesday, April 26, 2016

CIES Community Investors XV - The Cinderella Gown Project

The 15th non-profit highlighted in the CIES Community Investors Series is the Cinderella Gown Project.  Graduation is every high school student’s rite of passage, a milestone in any young person’s life, and as graduation dates draw closer the Calgary Board of Education is gearing up for their annual Cinderella Gown Project.

The Cinderella Gown Project began in Calgary in 2005 as a small project by several Sir Winston Churchill High School staff & Fashion students. The goal was to collect 20 to 30 previously loved and gently used graduation and formal dresses for students from different Calgary high schools that were not financially able to attend their graduation banquets. The first year over 100 Cinderellas were in attendance and the legacy began. Now the project invites over 325 Cinderellas each year with 50 high schools participating.

The Cinderella Gown Project helps teens in need realize their dreams for high school graduation. The program is discreet, and celebrates the diversity and educational achievement of our youth. For many Cinderellas the path to high school graduation has been a difficult one that we would like to reward and honour.

The Cinderella vision is to meet the growing need for every Calgary area grade 12 female graduate to complete their high school requirements and attend their graduation celebration in the dress of their dreams, regardless of social or financial circumstance. The Cinderella Gown Project creates an environment of respect so that each participant can uphold their dignity and feel proud to participate in their graduation along with all of their peers. The organization believes, and rightfully so, that graduation is a significant educational milestone; one of the first important steps in establishing responsible citizens in the broader community.

CIES would like to extend our thanks to the Cinderella Gown Project for making a truly special day in a young person's life come to life.  For more information, along with volunteer and donation opportunities, please visit their website.

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