Monday, April 11, 2016

CIES Celebrates National Volunteer Week

Volunteers are the backbone of Calgary Immigrant Educational Society. Their commitment and contribution allow us to provide more comprehensive services to our clients. Their generosity and commitment help adult immigrants acquire and polish their English language skills, familiarize with Canadian culture, and integrate into Canadian society smoothly. Besides helping in ESL programs such as Drop-In ESL, Literacy and Basic English and LINC as volunteer tutors or teachers’ assistants, there are individuals who assisted in areas such as maintaining computers, helping in computer classes or providing administrative assistance. Moreover, we have volunteers who prepare tax returns for economically challenged members and seniors in our communities in March and April every year.

Our previous fiscal year, our Board of Directors, our staff and 110 volunteers contributed a total of 10,828 hours to our Society. We are fortunate to have a group of dedicated volunteers for all of our programs, especially our ESL volunteer tutors who play a vital role in the success of Drop-In ESL program. Without their commitment, we would not be able to offer and run the program at all. Their dedication and commitment have a tremendous impact on the adult immigrants who come to our Society not only for learning English language, but also understanding Canadian culture. The more positive interactions new Canadians have with other Calgarians, the easier it would be for them to find a sense of belonging in Canada.

Therefore, each of our volunteers’ support is significant and collectively becomes the most valuable asset of CIES. Thanks to each and ever one of you. CIES could not be the organization it is today without you! 

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