Wednesday, April 6, 2016

CIES' Graham Mackenzie Receives $10,000 Grant from Calgary Economic Development's Soul in the City - Its Pho Down Time!

CIES attended the Soul of the City Neighbour Grant Pitch Night last night at the Glenbow Museum theatre in support of the remarkable event itself, all ten finalists who presented ideas on how to bring our community together and our very own Graham Mackenzie, pitching for the first ever of its kind Guinness Book of World Record making Pho Down.

Of the ten finalists, 5 received grants of $10,000 to help put into action their idea to improve, enhance, or revitalize their community or neighbourhood.  The projects are small-scale and focused on getting people involved in their neighbourhoods and communities. Project ideas included, but were not limited to, building community gardens or other neighbourhood spaces, hosting street festivals and community events, and bringing local people together to design and create neighbourhood art projects.

Hilariously hosted by award winning local actor and comedian Andrew Phung, with  Calgary Stampeder legend Jon Cornish making the keynote address, the evening was filled with energy and fun from start to finish. At night's end, A soccer club initiative, a seniors and youth program, a high school calm zone and wellness centre, a community mural revitalization and Mr Pho Down himself all received 10,000 for their ideas. Now we get to sit back and watch them come to life.

CIES couldn't be happier to attend such a worthwhile community building event and couldn't be more proud of Graham and the many CIES students involved for their passion and hard work put into this project that has months of work behind it. International Avenues' BRZ Great in Greater Forest Lawn's initial recognition of this great idea and the seed money to get it going also deserves a big tip of the hat. Waiting for the July 9th Pho Down is gonna be tough! To learn more about the Soul in the City Initiative and to see former project winners watch the video below. For more photos of the last night's event CLICK HERE.

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