Monday, April 25, 2016

The CIES REDI Program

With wait-lists often being long and the need for refugees to improve their English being high, CIES has opened a new program to address the gap. The CIES Refugee Express Drop-In ESL & Integration Program is a fast track language training and social integration program designed for refugees to learn essential vocabulary and basic language skills and put hands on basic real life tasks in order to function in Calgary communities as soon as possible. 

The community engagement modules will cover the most basic and immediate needs in life. Community engagement activities will give students the opportunity to visit Calgary Transit Office and apply for low-income passes, to go to grocery stores to learn to pay, and so on. In addition, presenters from banks, City, Calgary Housing, Calgary Board of Education, Alberta Health Services, Calgary Police Service, and other community service providers will be invited to give workshops. Through the field trips and workshops, students will have hands-on experience on each real life tasks that will enable them to function in the Canadian society.

For a summary of the program in Arabic (with English subtitles) simply click below. 

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