Monday, April 18, 2016

CIES to Attend Social Media Breakfast

The Social Media Breakfast here in Calgary has been ongoing since November 2009. The monthly meeting of social media enthusiasts, is at a different location each month with venue sponsors providing space and speakers donating their time. Started by Scott Baird nearly 7 years ago, the event quickly grew from 20 or so participants to upwards towards 100 attendees monthly. Events continue to attract 100 + people, the steering committee has expanded to 9 members, and the brand now has 8 regular sponsors.

The 75th Social Media Breakfast will take place this Friday, April 22nd.  The University of Calgary has donated the venue for this latest incarnation of the breakfast, and U of C just happens to be turning 50 this week. It is sure to me a morning of millstones. We look forward to the event and will let you know how it goes. For more information click here.

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