Friday, August 12, 2016

Canadian World Champion Looks to Bring World Police Games to Calgary

The World Police Games are the third largest and most diverse sporting event in the world. It is third only to the Olympics and the Asian Games. Amarpal 'Sunny' Singh, who immigrated to Canada from India via the UK, has put forth a petition to the City of Calgary to assist in bringing the World Police Games back to Canada and to Calgary for 2017. The Games were scheduled to take place in Montreal next summer, but the Mayor of the City recently cancelled the games due to a Labour dispute currently taking place in Quebec. Sunny is the only Canadian athlete to have won three gold medals at the World Police Games in Taekwondo. His hope is to bringing the World Police Games to Calgary marking the 20th anniversary that our city held the games. This historic event would give a much needed boost to Calgary and to Canada.

Sunny has met with the coordinator of Calgary Peace Officer Unit Mr. Brian Whitelaw and Mr. Russ Velke, staff sergeant of Calgary Police Service, he is looking to assist with this cause. His fight to bring the games to Calgary was recently shared in the Metro News and he was also recently interviewed by CTV.  A non-profit organization, Reel Diverse,  whose mission is “Supporting a Diverse World.” They are promoting the call to bring the World Police Games to Calgary via an exclusive documentary. It is his hope to attract more supporters to this cause by way of signing a petition. If you wish to support Amaral call to have the World Police Games come to Calgary simply CLICK HERE.  

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