Tuesday, August 30, 2016

CIES Receives Children's Book Bundles from SAIT

As a part of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology's (SAIT) Library & Information Technology program, students, for their Marketing project, collected children’s books, as well as funds donated to purchase children’s colouring books, crayons, stickers etc. Their project was to collect this material for children of the Syrian refugees that have settled in Calgary.  They put together a number of very exciting packages for young children, with the idea of helping them with their English language skills as well as giving them pleasure from colouring and other activities.  The end result was CIES receiving three boxes containing 50 children’s bundle-bags and the first batch were donated to our both our current and past Refugee Express Drop in and Integration REDI’s current and (past clients who have switched to LINC).  We also put a few aside so that Syrian refugee families who will be starting next month will have access to them, too.

The two-year Library Information Technology diploma offered at SAIT is a cutting edge program resourcing high-tech adventure and training graduates in what has become a very sought after skill. Various industries need employees with people skills to organize, access and manage the expanding volume of information in today's world. Library Information Technology students gain proficiency in every area of library operations, from database searching, library network technology, cataloguing and classification to public relations, web design and records management. as a daytime diploma program. Students can also begin this diploma by completing Continuing Education courses. This program also prepares graduates for numerous career opportunities in public and school libraries, as well as specialty libraries in areas of petroleum, law, medicine, geology, social services, government, or in related organizations such as records information centres, library wholesalers, software companies and bookstores.

CIES would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to SAIT's LET program for reaching out and helping young children new to Canada adopt to their new home. Keep up the great work! For more information on SAIT's program visit their website and for more photos CLICK HERE. 

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