Friday, August 12, 2016

CIES Summer Festival - Colombian Folk Dance Performance

The list of Performers for the 2016 CIES Summer Festival on August 16th at the ArtBOX on 17E (1807 42 St SE) continues to grow and this year will include Colombian Folk Dancing. The Colombian culture is a melting pot of the European, African and Indigenous people. This amazing blend of backgrounds of art, music and dance has created a society full of tradition, whether it be song, music or choreography. Not many cultures can lay claim to such a diverse landscape of customs. It is indeed a landscape because the geographical areas of this country are also defined by their music and dance. From the Llanos or the eastern plains to the coast of the Caribbean to the Andes mountains and on to the Pacific coast, we find a heritage specific to each region.

The dance is traditionally performed by pairs of men and women. Women play with the skirts, waving them, while holding a candle in one hand. Men dance behind them, taking their hat on and off with one hand while the other is hidden behind their back. Until the 20th Century, the dance was considered indecent and was therefore restricted to the lower classes. Today, of course, almost every Colombian knows how to at least imitate the dance. Stay tuned for more on the CIES 6th Annual Summer Festival!

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